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Made from natural extracts, it quickly relieves irritation, pain, burning and itching with a protective, soothing and sedative action.
EVO3 COMPLEX® Ozonized Olive Oil. Ozone in the form of stable ozonide transports oxygen to the skin, stimulating cell metabolism and neutralizing free radicals, as well as having an antiseptic and regenerating effect.
ALLANTOIN is obtained from snail mucus. It accelerates skin regeneration, providing a wound healing effect. It also has astringent (relieves swelling) and anti-inflammatory effects.
Essential oil GAULTERIA PROCUMBENS. The vegetable oil, enriched with methyl salicylate, is a ‘natural anesthetic’ that relieves pain.
ASO5 COMPLEX® is a dry grape extract with the addition of sweet almond oil, horse chestnut, centella extract, oak extract. In combination with sweet almond oil, the special formula of these dry extracts, ensures the absorption of other components from the skin thanks to the oil’s lipophilic effect.
• Internal and external hemorrhoids;
• Anal and perianal eczema;
• Cracked rectum;
• Proctitis and paraproctitis;
• Conditions after hemorrhoidectomy;
• Hemorrhoids that develop after childbirth